Manama, Bahrain

NakamaTech continues to leverage its core strength in innovation, technology and over 40 cumulative years of experience in various sectors spanning the globe, to lead clients on their digital transformation journey, providing innovative and next-generation technology solutions and services.

Our solutions cover the end-to-end needs of our clients, from the early days of the idea inception, to the launching of the service. We work with our clients to provide custom fit solutions for their individual need.

Our services include hardware acquisition and setup, system development, consultation and digital marketing (list services)

One of our core strengths is mobile application development in both iOS and Android environments and with our strong background in server side development and deployments we have achieved the ideal balance in building mobile applications that are versatile, efficient and simply elegant.

Another major concern that we consider very important and integral to our company’s values, is the stress we give on security. We have a strong background and immense experience when it comes security

Why NakamaTech?

We don't sell a one size fits all solution, we work with you to design a custom built solution for your vision and needs while leavening our expertise in the field.